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Hair and makeup brings me joy! I’ve been doing my hair for some years now. I learned how to braid when i was about 9. I taught myself how to do a sew in at like 16. Doing friends and family hair, I was always excited when they were happy with my work and the smile I was able to put on their faces. When I was 18 I taught myself how to do a sewin on myself. The game changed for me. I was changing my weave at least twice a month. Changing lengths, trying different colors and everything that i was afraid to do with my natural hair. The first time I got my full face done in makeup was in preparation for my wedding in 2014. I loved how I looked and I couldn’t stop smiling. My wedding day I looked absolutely stunning. From then I started playing in makeup on my own. It was fun to me. I’d do my makeup just about everyday. Looking in the mirror and smiling, singing my favorite songs. Nobody could tell me anything ! Some unfortunate events happened and my mental health spiraled out of control. As I recovered, doing my hair and makeup made me feel better. I felt normal again. I learned some ways to cope, but pampering myself with some makeup and a nice hairdo helped me the most. My hair is natural and I didn’t want to keep putting heat to my hair for the sewin. 2016 Right before i started Gorgeous Queenz Collection, I taught myself how to make wigs. I found it to be very therapeutic for me. At this time I was also getting frustrated with doing my own hair so often so this was perfect. Making the wigs by hand is a little time consuming but it made me happy. Something like a knitter. Plus I know once the wig is made, i can just put it on and go. I’m currently learning how to make wigs on the sewing machine so I can cut the time down and be able to make more than one in one sitting.

These wigs comes in handy. Especially when i was pregnant, I was often too tired to do my hair. I was able to put my hair in 2 braids and throw my wig on. Now I definitely don't have time to get my hair styled, so my wigs are my life! I know how I feel when I do my hair and makeup, so I know many other women feel the same way. Not only does it help me feel beautiful and increase my confidence, but it helps me stay mentally well. I’ve always been a helper. I have an amazing heart, even when people are appreciative. All in all I think I’ve found my purpose in life. Many people tell me I inspire them. Especially being that no matter what I go through, I keep pushing and remain focused on the bigger picture. I love when people are happy and confident, so it’s my honor to be apart of that! I operate with love, honesty and integrity and that’s what sets me apart from others. This is apart of the reason many are drawn to me. I make sure I provide quality, and I’m always honest. If I know something isn’t right I would not continue to deal with it. If you need something by a specific time and I know it’s impossible to get it to you, I’d let you know. If I know I’m not able to do a style the way you need or if i never attempted it before, i let you know. I don’t do things just for money. It wouldn’t sit right with me knowing something is flawed and still accepting people’s money. Whether it’s myself or my business, I'm always working to improve. Please know that when I make wigs, it is made with love. In addition to that, it plays a part in keeping me mentally well.

When my customers are pleased and I've helped them in the process of them feeling beautiful it puts a big smile on my face.

I am here to help you with your beauty wants and needs. Even if it's just for information.

I'm just an evolving woman, mom, wife, entrepreneur and student of life.

I intend to keep inspiring others and assisting women in the process of feeling beautiful and boosting their confidence.

I am TRULY grateful for all of my supporters!

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Photo details:

Hair: A Closure Unit I constructed using our Gorgeous Royal Queen Collection Bundles & Closure

Lashes: Gorgeous Queenz Collection


Eye Brows:

The Crayon Case Medium Brown iBrow Pomade

Clean up - LA Girl Pro Conceal Toast & Toffee


The Crayon Case Washable Eye Glue Primer

The Crayon Case Watch Me Blush Palette -Cobbler -Cappuccino


Elf Blemish Control Primer

Maybelline Fit Me 330 Mocha Matte & Poreless Foundation

The Crayon Case Contoursition Notebook : Highlight - Ross Contour - Bobby

Ben Nye Banana Powder - Bake

Mascara Maybelline

Black Opal Finishing Powder - Deep


The Crayon Case Liquid Matte Lippie - Raven


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